Degree Conferred Bachelor of Science
Program Duration 4-Year Bachelor's Degree Program
Language of Instruction

Taught in Chinese

Basic Requirements
  1. A senior high school diploma acquired from an overseas senior high school (not a foreign or bilingual school in Taiwan) shall be recognized by M.O.E. and verified by R.O.C. representative office.
  2. Good standing in academic achievement.
Evaluation for Admission
  1. Applicant with Chinese communication ability is required.
    (1) Has passed Test of Chinese as a Foreign Language (TOCFL) level 3 or higher, or other equivalent certificates.
    (2) A letter of recommendation to certify that the candidate is equipped with enough Chinese proficiency to attend the lectures taught in Chinese.
  2. All documents submitted to the Office of Academic Affairs will be assessed by the Committee of Department of Sports Medicine for the initial screening. If necessary, an interview will be conducted via telephone or web. Accepted applicants will be notified individually after the evaluation is completed.
Contact Person

Associate Professor I-Hua Chu, P.T., Ph.D.


Tel:+886-7-3121101 ext.2737#618

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