Welcome to 2019 ICACP

Important Dates

Starting to registration & submission:     September 23, 2019

Submission Deadline for an abstract :      October 11, 2019

  • Notification of acceptance/rejection for abstract:  before October 23, 2019

Registration Deadline for Conference:     October 23, 2019

Conference Dates:      November 02-03, 2019 


 The improvement of people's awareness of health has made the running more and more popular and practical. The running event have been one by one, and the running has gradually become a national sport. There are about the one million participants and the 500,000 runners in a year. The Long-term running, can improve the physical function, but accompanied by the risk of "sports injury", about 40-50% of the runners every year, because running caused sports injuries. Therefore, the runners should be know how effective to "run" and "run to health" is an important subject and issue.

The theme of the conference is 「RUNNING for FITNESS」. The topics are on the health benefits and injuries of running. There are focuses on the treatment and protection of sports injuries and sports medicine, also involve sports science, nutrition and sports training. Panel discussions will allow for discussion of complex cases, and each session will include opportunities for participation. The moderator and participants who were nominated to present will discuss their research, areas of interest/expertise, innovative ideas and practice accomplishments. Sharing and exchange of experience with practical applications to achieve the purpose of enhancing athlete care and sports performance.

Date:November 02-03, 2019

City:Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Venue:Kaohsiung Medical University

Organizers:Kaohsiung Medical University, Kaohsiung MedicalUniversity Chung-Ho Memorial Hospital

Executive Offices:
Department of Orthopaedics on Kaohsiung Medical University Chung-Ho Memorial Hospital
Dpartment of Rehabilitation on Kaohsiung Medical University Chung-Ho Memorial HospitalPhysical Education Center on Kaohsiung Medical University
Department of Sports Medicine on Kaohsiung Medical University

Department of Sports Medicine on Kaohsiung Medical University
MOST AI Biomedical Research Center at NCKU
NCKU Medical Device Innovation Center
Kaohsiung City Medical Association
Society of Kaohsiung Physical Therapist
Chinese Taipei University Sports Federation
Campus sports injury and managements programs,
Sport Administration, Ministry of Education
Taiwan Anti-Doping Association (TADA)
College of Athletics, National Taiwan Sport University


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